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Protect against the unexpected

How much life insurance do you need?

The amount of term life insurance you need will depend on your specific situation. One way to decide how much insurance you should buy is to consider the financial needs of your family if you were to pass away prematurely.

Here are some other factors to consider:

  • What are your current earnings and other income sources, such as 401(k), savings and investments?
  • How many people depend on you financially, including your immediate family, parents and other dependents? Does your spouse work, and what is his or her earning capacity now and in the future?
  • Can your family depend on Social Security earnings after your death?
  • Do you have debt or any special financial needs, such as a mortgage, or your children's future educational needs?

Riders included with Base Coverage

Accelerated Death Benefit for Terminal Illness (Not Available in MA) will pay a portion of the life insurance death benefit up to $100,000 maximum if the insured is diagnosed with a terminal illness, and still provide a benefit to the designated beneficiary.

Waiver of Premium Due to Layoff or Strike Rider (Not Available in CT, MA, MD, NJ, PR or TN) Premiums will be waived up to 6 months if the owner is on strike or is involuntarily laid off.

Children's Term Rider (employee elected)

Coverage Information and Issue Ages


The owner of the term insurance may elect to convert the base coverage to whole life insurance within 31 days of termination under the policy.

Issue Ages


20 year term

16 – 65


20 year term

16 – 65


Child term insurance rider

dependents age 15 days through age 25

20 Year Term Period

At the end of each term, the coverage will automatically renew unless cancelled by the owner. The new premium rate, based on the attained age of the insured and the death benefit, will be presented. The premium change will occur on the group renewal date. Subsequent term periods are 20 years or until the expiration date, if earlier.

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Payment Authorization

You authorize Enrollment123 dba Administration123 to charge the debit card, credit card or ACH bank account as indicated in this authorization on behalf of the Insurance Companies and benefit providers, and their respective plans which you have selected through this enrollment website. Furthermore, you acknowledge and agree that future payments may be charged to the debit card, credit card or ACH bank account you have provided on a recurring monthly basis with your full authorization for the amount associated with the products and services selected above.

Recurring monthly premium payments are billed in advance of the next coverage period, 25 calendar days after your effective date each month. If the recurring payment date falls on a weekend or holiday, you understand that the payment may be executed on the prior or next business day. You understand that this authorization will remain in effect until you cancel it in writing via email or mailed letter. You agree to make any account changes on with your secure online portal or notify Enrollment123 dba Administration123 in writing of any changes in your account information.

You certify that you are an authorized user of this debit card, credit card or bank account and that you will not dispute the scheduled payments with your Credit Card Company or bank provided the transactions correspond to the terms indicated in this authorization form.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel service at any time. All notices of cancellation must be submitted in writing only, via email or mailed letter. All cancellation notification must be made by the primary account holder. To avoid billing for unwanted services, all cancellation notices must be received no later than fifteen (15) calendar days prior to your next billing date. Upon receipt of your cancellation notice, coverage for the services/products listed will be terminated to the last day of the month of your coverage period. Cancellation notices received less than fifteen (15) days prior to the next billing date will result in cancellation of service postdated to the end of your next coverage period month.

Written notification may be sent via email to support@administration123.com

Refund Policy

You may only receive a refund, if applicable, provided you have submitted a written notice of cancellation.

You may request a refund (refund requests MUST be made in writing) ONLY if you are cancelling your coverage within the first ten (10) calendar days following your product or policy effective date. If you are cancelling coverage for a product or policy and requesting a refund within the first ten (10) days following your effective date service; you are entitled to a full refund of the monthly premium or fee. Administration fees or enrollment fees ARE NOT refundable. You are not eligible for any refund if any claims have been filed by the policy holder or his/her dependents during the initial ten (10) days following the effective date.

Billing Questions

Any questions regarding billing should be directed to support@administration123.com

Policy / Benefit Notification

You authorize Enrollment123 dba Administration123 to contact you via email and/or sms (text messaging) with regards to the policy(s) or benefit(s) which you have enrolled and updates regarding related products and services. You agree to provide Enrollment123 dba Administration123 with any updates/changes to your email address or phone number through the "Member Portal" or via email at support@administration123.com with these updates.

This authorization shall remain in effect until revoked by you in writing. You understand and agree that this authorization, an updated email address and phone number is required to receive important updates regarding your enrolled benefits and insurance coverage; and that revoking this authorization will result in missing important notification(s) that may adversely affect your coverage, including termination of benefits. Enrollment123 dba Administration123 shall not be held responsible or liable for any missed notifications due to incorrect contact mailing address, email address or phone number that results in a change to or loss of coverage or benefits.

Accelerated Death Benefit for Critical Care

We will not pay for conditions diagnosed prior to the effective date of the rider.

Cancer requires histological evidence of malignancy and does not cover skin cancer other than malignant melanomas, all tumors that are histologically described as pre-malignant or are only showing early malignant change, cancer in-situ, and papillary cancer of the bladder.

Heart Attack must be based on new EKG changes consistent with injury, elevation of cardiac enzymes, and confirmatory imaging studies such as thallium scans, MUGA scans, or stress echocardiograms.

Major Organ Transplant Surgery is limited to heart, lung, liver or bone marrow transplants.

Renal Failure is limited to end stage renal failure resulting in chronic and irreversible failure of both kidneys to function requiring renal dialysis.

Stroke requires evidence of permanent neurological damage and does not cover Transient Ischemic Attacks (TIAs) or attacks of Vertebrobasilar Ischemia.

Accelerated Death Benefit for Terminal Illness Rider

We will not pay for conditions diagnosed prior to the effective date of the rider.

Waiver of Premium Rider

We will not waive premiums if the owner's total disability results from any of the following: The owner's attempted suicide or intentionally self-inflicted injury while sane or insane;

The owner's commission of or attempting to commit a felony or engaging in an illegal occupation; The owner's participation in a riot or insurrection;

The owner's voluntary use of alcohol or any drug, whether legal or illegal, unless administered in accordance with a Physician's advice and written instruction;

The owner's voluntary taking, absorbing or inhaling a poison, gas or fumes;

An accident that occurs while the owner was driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated or under the influence according to the laws of the jurisdiction in which the accident occurs;

The owner's travel in or descent from any vehicle or device for aerial navigation, except as a fare paying passenger in an aircraft operated by a commercial airline (other than a charter airline) on a regularly scheduled passenger trip;

War or any act of war, whether declared or undeclared; or

The owner's service in the military or an auxiliary unit attached thereto.


Termination of Insurance

Employee coverage will terminate on the earliest of:

The date the employee sends us a written notice to cancel coverage; The certificate anniversary date following the employee's 100th birthday; The date the employee dies;

The date the certificate lapses;

The date the group master policy terminates. Dependent coverage will terminate on the earliest of:

The date the employee's coverage terminates;

The date the dependent no longer meets the definition of dependent;

The date the group master policy is modified so as to exclude dependent coverage; The date the employee sends us a written notice to cancel dependent coverage.


Portability Option

If an employee loses eligibility for this insurance for any reason other than nonpayment of premiums, coverage can be continued by paying the premiums directly to us. We will bill the employee directly once we receive notification to continue coverage.

Conversion Option

A covered person can convert his or her coverage to permanent life insurance on a policy form that we then issue, without any optional riders, in an amount not to exceed the amount of insurance terminating under the policy. The premium will be based on the covered person's age and class of risk at the time of conversion. We must receive a completed conversion application and any required premium within 31 days of termination. If the covered person dies within the 31-day conversion period, benefits will be paid as if coverage had continued, regardless of whether conversion was applied for.

Standard 1-5 business days $7.95
Two Day 2 business days $15
Next Day 1 business day $30
* Free on orders of $50 or more

All Products Guaranteed Issue. No Medical Questions. Everyone Accepted.


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